👥 Jesus Loves You - Kartik N, Burhan S, Jyotiprakash G

💻 Smart AdComment Generator

  • The idea was to take any datasource, storedprocedure, csv data etc and to create smart advertising comments as per the models.
  • Model is providing four modes as given below.
    • Comparer for Comparison
    • Smart for Smart Comments
    • Stratergy for Startergies
    • Trends for the strong trends on the data
  • This feature has OpenAPI integration and the prompts are specific on certain and tested with sample input and outputs.

jesus-loves-you jesus-loves-you jesus-loves-you jesus-loves-you

👥 Pickle Ice Cream - Saivinay R, Siva B, Krishna G, Amrith Y

💻 Ecommerce Product Feed Image Transformer

  • Ecommerce businesses have a hard time managing their “product shoot” images.
  • A photographer takes the shots in a particular sequence: e.g. - Product Tag Shot/Back Shot/Front Shot 1/Front Shot 2/Angle Shot 1/Side Shot 1/Full Shot 1.
  • These “raw shoot images” then require multiple transformations and editing to make them ready for “Marketplaces” (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopify, etc).
  • Each marketplace has specific requirements regarding: Dimensions/Background/Sequence of images (first image should be front-facing, second should be left-view, and so on)/Blurriness/Popular Brand Names/Cluttered Images/etc.
  • We have built an app to apply these transformations and editing in bulk!
  • The app’s key technologies are by ImageAI, Background Remove, and ImageMagick.
  • We have implemented the Image Detection API to detect boundaries and objects.
  • Blur Detector and other “checks” features are not yet implemented but we have a proof-of-concept.
  • More info available on the slides - Click Here

pickle-ice-cream pickle-ice-cream

👥 LoL - Ranjith R Shenoy

💻 DTAF - DeltaX Test Automation Framework

  • It is a test automation framework that includes browser automation and report generation.
  • This is build using multi module architecture with Java and Maven.
  • Selenium is used for browser automation and TestNG to generate the report.
  • WebAPI module lets you remotely trigger tests and returns the results.
  • It makes the regression testing easier and quicker.
  • This framework provides on demand feature validation using ‘Test as a Service’(TaaS).
  • Using this framework we can test extensive data in a few minutes.

lol lol

👥 Smokin Cyborgs - Avi Dawra, Ankit Kumar

💻 Real Time Notifications

  • A way to push real time messages to multiple clients using Socket.IO.
  • Scalable module to work for a suite of products.
  • A bi-directional event based communication system.

smokin-cyborgs smokin-cyborgs

👥 Team 404 - Ashwini Gupta, Narendra Mohan

💻 Bugsnag Hack

  • Whenever an alert fires on Flock group, Dev has to connect to RDP and the server to check what the exception is. Most of the new folks do not have the credentials to the servers where the BugSnag is available.
  • By looking at the stack trace, dev can easily identify what the issue and where the issue is (line number, method name, etc.)
  • But all these information can be retrieved using Bugsnag Client (Open Source).
  • It can be integrated with ELK and move the error logs data to Elasticsearch.
  • This opportunity can be leveraged to set up Kibana dashboards and send snapshots on required modules. E.g- JS errors Campaign Launcher/Budget Center, Endpoint failures on DeltaX.Api, etc.


👥 Tech Titans - Vishnudevi T, Prabhavathi V

💻 CI-CD Pipeline for DeltaX.Services

  • Automate the dotnet core services deployment. In order to do it; the following steps are involved.
  • Create and merge PR.
  • On merge Jenkins job will be triggered.
  • Job will update the stop flag.
  • Job will wait for the update of running status to ‘0’.
    • Waiting time is maximum of 15 minutes.
    • Frequency will be checked in every 5 minutes.
  • Once status got updated, tests will run.
  • Then build and publish the project.
  • Finally, send notification for the PR on Flock.

tech-titans tech-titans

👥 AutoNovice - Sandipan Ganguly, Arpendra Roy

💻 Automate designing new report flow

  • Automate creating new report download and save flow with all four widgets.
  • After downloading, compare the downloaded one with the actual manually downloaded report sheet.
  • If two sheets contains same value then declare the case as pass.
  • Else its a mismatch.
  • Selenium web driver is used in this hack along with the Java as a scripting language.


👥 Lone Wolf - Arun Karunanithi

💻 Campaign Optimization Platform

  • Introducing a new platform ‘vNext’ which will help B2B & ECommerce advertisers to optimize their campaigns.
  • The aim is to create a simple & seamless onboarding flow to get the user & campaign details.
  • This platform pinpoints the areas of the campaign that can be optimized for better results and automate those optimizations.

lone-wolf lone-wolf

👥 Mysore Masala Dosa - Rohan S, Ankit S, Arghadip C

💻 Dynamic Ad/Intro generation for Bizgain client

  • In Bizgain, we get clients which have small business and we got a lot of information from the signup process. So the hack was to utilize that data and create some video for them (Intro video).
  • FFmpeg is used in this hack. It is a Python package which provides a wide range of audio and video codecs, allowing users to convert files between different formats.
  • Firstly, create a basic template using Canva.
  • Then get the images and the services provided by the user.
  • In API, FFmpeg is used to set those images and services in the template accordingly.
  • Also, MagickImage is used in few places.

mysore-masala-dosa mysore-masala-dosa

👥 Naatu Naatu - Rohith D, Vijay S, Adarsh V

💻 Utility Manager

  • This will manage utility scheduling like Add/Edit/Enable/Disable utility.
  • It will help developers to manage all the utilities with a single UI.
  • It saves time like instead of reaching out to the particular VM they can manage from this single UI only.

naatu-naatu naatu-naatu

👥 It works on my local - Harsha K, Sampath R, Keshav C

💻 Interactive Ads

  • Support following features with the ads.
    • Chats
    • Polls
    • Chats which collects leads
    • Reactions
    • Slider (Inspired by Instagram)
  • Interactive ads provides more engagement and involvement.
  • Collects valuable information through the given features.
  • Offers personalized experience based on collected data.
  • More enjoyable and memorable ad experience.
  • These can be easily configurable using AdBuilder.
  • Supports IAB Standards.

it-works-on-my-local it-works-on-my-local

👥 BSDK Scripts - Arijit Roy, Vivek BK, Husain Thanawala

💻 Real-Time Collaboration for Review Management

  • The idea was to make real-time collaboration for Google My Business Review Management integration on DeltaX Platform which gives clients a real-time feel.
  • Some examples of the real-time collaboration you might have noticed
    • Whatsapp
    • Google Docs/Google Sheets
    • Facebook/Instagram
    • Dashboards containing real-time charts and graphs
    • Collaborative applications like JamBoard
  • A working prototype has been implemented on the DeltaX Platform with GMB Review Management feature.
  • SignalR is used to make the communication real-time.
  • In future, this multi-user real-time collaboration can be implemented to our other products so that clients can get data display/other information in real-time.
  • More info available on the slides - Click Here

bsdk-scripts bsdk-scripts bsdk-scripts

👥 Not fast, just furious - Mohammed Izzy

💻 Magic Animations for CB

  • This feature contains enabling single click, small animations for Creative Builder templates.
  • No need to animate each and every layer separately.
  • It will dynamically decide the type, position, and time of each animation.

not-fast-just-furious not-fast-just-furious

👥 Automation is God - Ankit Kumar Ojha, Asim Nath, Akshay Kumbhar

💻 Sprint Automation

  • The idea was to automate entire sprint process starting from Sprint Kickoff, Marking/Updating TODO’s and generating demo slide using ChatGPT.
  • Sends interactive form for marking yesterday’s TODO (Done, Partially Done, Not done).
  • Automatic updation of plan with option to replan. Also it will sync Jira tasks automatically.
  • Sends pre-kickoff report of the last sprint.
  • Sends post-kickoff notes to update grooming status along with the option to reschedule (if not done).
  • Appscript is used in this project which automates creation/updation of task statuses.
  • It also automates the creation of demo slides by extracting delivery sheet.

automation-is-god automation-is-god automation-is-god automation-is-god

👥 Achanak Bhayanak - Krishna HS, Keval M, Homesh Y

💻 GraphQL to enhance our grids

  • Use GraphQL to fetch data for our grids.
  • Perform aggregations using GraphQL.


🏆 Winners

  • DeltaX - Most Impressive Hack - Pickle Ice Cream (Amrith Y, Saivinay R, Siva B, Krishna G)
  • DeltaX - Most Production-Ready Hack - Tech Titans (VishnuDevi T, Prabhavati V)
  • DeltaX - Most Potential Hack (#NoCode) - It works in my local! (Harsha K, Keshav C, Sampath R)
  • DeltaX - Dev Productivity - Not Fast, Just Furious (Md. Izzy)
  • DeltaX - Participants Choice - Naatu Naatu (Rohith D, Vijay S, Adarsh V)

Congratulations to all the winners and other participants who made this hackathon successfull! Also we are thankful to the Judges Panel.