“Radar” is our monthly digest which features links that our engineering team found interesting.

Arguing against docker as a systems engineer

Link: http://catern.com/posts/docker.html
Shared by: Vamsi Sai

This is absolutely not about Docker being too “opinionated” for me, or other tools being more flexible. I believe that learning and using Docker is just plain more complicated than learning and using the tools I describe below. Docker is genuinely more complex and harder to use than the alternatives.

DevTube - The best developer videos in one place

Link: https://dev.tube/
Shared by: Ketan Jawahire

Enjoy the best technical videos and share it with friends, colleagues, and the world.

SQL Indexing and Tuning e-Book for developers

Link: https://use-the-index-luke.com/
Shared by: Amrith Yerramilli

SQL indexing and tuning tutorial for developers. No unnecessary database details-just what developers need to know. Covers all major SQL databases

Convergence to Kubernetes

Link: https://medium.com/@pingles/convergence-to-kubernetes-137ffa7ea2bc
Shared by: Akshay Surve

Our move to Kubernetes is one of the most significant, and speediest, convergences of technology across our engineering teams. Each step feels like a small change to the extent it’s easy not to see how significantly things have improved. It’s great to have some indicative data to suggest that it’s having the desired effect: helping people focus on their product, making the high-value decisions they’re best able to.

Has Vue passed React yet?

Link: https://hasvuepassedreactyet.surge.sh/
Shared by: Vamsi Sai

We are big proponents of Vue.js and it surpassing the number of Github stars vs React saw us cheering from the sidelines.