Amrith dropped a link on email related to #1ppm Challenge around the last week of December 2016. Think of this as the ICE Bucket Challenge but for self-learning and GTD (Getting Things Done). It’s pretty simple overall but when it comes to committing and disciplining yourself (for anything), it becomes difficult.

Here is the base idea for the 1PPM challenge:

The idea is to pick a project, get something done and have a presentable result within one month. The project could be anything: a software project, a hardware project, a book review, an article, … As long as there is an outcome and there is some learning involved.

Like with everything (and especially difficult things) - “Together is Better”. So, I happened to send an email on internal groups and see if others could join and take part. They did - and slowly we had small group of #1ppmers churning out exciting projects each month - for the last 6 months.

Here is a glimpse of how it looks like:
1ppm collage
1ppm collage

Here is laundry list of items worked upon:

#1ppm Project Who?
PowerBi Dashboard Krishna HS
Hard Things About Hard Things (Book) Priyank Y
DxDb Azure multi-tenant aware Slack Command Bot Akshay Surve
Santas Uncertain Bags (Data Science) Abhishek S
Learnings from building High Availability services (Blog) Akshay Surve
Is the Future of Application Architecture Serverless (Blog) Akshay Surve
March Madness (Data Science) Abhishek S
Traffic Flows - Predicting Travel Time Abhishek S
Handbook on Organic Terrace Gardening (Book) Akshay Surve
Starting Strength (Book) Akshay Surve
KDD Cup 2017 (Data Science) Abhishek S
Agile Product Management with Scrum (Book) Priyank Y
Don’t Make Me Think (Book) Priyank Y
Kilter Conf 2017 (Conference) Akshay Surve
Talk at Software Architect’s Bangalore meetup Akshay Surve
In the Plex (Book) Priyank Y
Design of Everyday Things (Book) Priyank Y
Elon Musk’s biography (Book) Priyank Y
AWS Kinesis Firehose for streaming data (POC) Akshay Surve
Apache Superset + Druid (POC) Amrith Y
ElasticSearch POC for Data Processing Pipeline Akshay Surve

It’s been an exciting journey so far, loads of learning, motivation and training for the muscle - to shape discipline and GTD attitude. Leaving you with a thought recently reiterated by the PM of India - “May the force be with you”.